Car Care Tips
for Colorado Springs, CO

What grade of gas?

We are often asked what grade of fuel to use. For most cars on the road premium fuel is a waste of money. You will not see a difference in fuel economy or performance. If you drive a performance car the manufacturer may suggest the use of a high octane fuel.

As much as we would like to be able to recommend the use of fuel containing ethanol for the sake of the environment or cost savings we cannot.

While it seems that the price difference at the pump would make it advantageous to use fuel containing ethanol, the fact is that ethanol is actually less volatile (less explosive) than gasoline therefore you will get fewer miles to the gallon and actually end up spending more on gas.

In addition ethanol reacts negatively with some of the internal components of the fuel system and can actually cause damage and/or additional expense in fuel system repairs.

Many manufacturers are now making statements with regard to the use of fuel containing ethanol for the reasons mentioned and in fact may not honor warranties if the problem can be shown to be due to the use of ethanol containing fuel.

So we have to recommend that you not use ethanol containing fuel and that you just buy the lower grade regular fuel. It could save you hundreds of dollars a year.